Popular Chores

Review Our Popular Tasks Before Requesting a Tasker

When you have a task that needs doing, we have the taskers you can rely on. Our professionals specialize in various services from cleaning to furniture assembly. To make the process of requesting a tasker easier, weve organized these services into some of our most popular categories. Feel free to review each category to see if its a good fit for your needs.

Cleaning & Maid Service

Taskers are available to provide one-time cleaning or regularly scheduled visits to clean your home or office. Youll find taskers willing to complete a range of chores, including vacuuming, mopping, window washing, laundry and more. Rental property owners can even hire taskers to clean up for their guests. Taskers can change the bed linens and clean out the refrigerator after guests leave. We provide detailed information about scheduling your visit, payments and cleaning plans. Find out how you can set up maid services today.


Our moving specialists help with packing, lifting and toting, and transportation to your new home. Pick out a tasker who can provide a moving van or run simple errands, like picking up extra packing materials. Many taskers are individuals who offer moving help, but you may occasionally be matched with services that can send a team of people. Sign up to learn more about our moving taskers.

Furniture Assembly

Find a tasker who is good with instructions to assemble new furniture or reassemble items after a move. This is a great idea if you have a lot of shelving to put up in your new place too. Dont hesitate to get matched with an assembly expert in your area.


Hire a tasker equipped with the tools necessary to complete your wiring projects. We have many electricians seeking short- or long-term jobs. Change out the light fixtures in your home for a new look, or find a tasker who can put together your home entertainment system. Explore our site to learn more about our review process for electricians.


Get a plumber who can perform fast repairs or help with some bathroom and kitchen renovations. From installing a new toilet to de-clogging the kitchen sink, these taskers have all the right training and tools. You can expect taskers to arrive with basic plumbing equipment. If you need hardware or piping, youll have to arrange to purchase it for your tasker or give the tasker approval to purchase it for the job. Well be happy to pair you up with an approved tasker for your plumbing services.


A handyman can help with maintenance, repair and home improvement projects on your property. These taskers have general knowledge and skill in many areas from painting to hanging a flat-screen television. Feel free to book more than one tasker at a time for larger projects. Most of our taskers are sole proprietors, but are willing to work with other professionals if you make sure to book appointments at the same time. Get started today to learn more about how you can hire one or more handyman taskers.