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Why Solar Energy? - DrChores
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Why Solar Energy?

Solar energy systems provide suitable solutions for everyone. Solar energy systems can be installed on each roof and floor as long as it is convenient.

· It is always profitable to produce your own electricity. You are not affected by the tariff changes in electricity prices.

· Solar panels are robust and reliable products with long-term guarantees and service life.

· When the electricity obtained from solar energy is consumed in the place where it is produced, transmission losses caused by long distance do not occur.

· The maintenance of solar systems is negligible compared to other systems. For the cleaning of the panels, rain will often be sufficient.

· Solar energy systems do not consist of moving parts, no mechanical maintenance required. It is clean, non-waste energy that is harmless to the environment and living things.

· Solar energy is a free and endless source of energy. The amount of solar energy reaching the Earth in 20 minutes is equal to the energy consumed in one day all over the world.

· Solar energy is a peaceful energy source. In contrast to oil, natural gas, uranium and coal, there have never been sun battles.

· Thanks to your solar energy system, you will not be affected by energy raw material imports.

· Solar energy systems can generate electricity even in cloudy weather as long as the radiation is sufficient. The energy required can be found everywhere, in every region and every season.

· Solar energy is a renewable energy source that does not pollute your air, is sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly.

Your reasons for switching to solar energy

Thanks to its numerous environmental and economic benefits and proven reliability, photovoltaic electrical energy is gaining increasing popularity as an important energy source.

We have plenty of sunshine, free

With solar panels, all you need to produce photovoltaic electricity is the sun. The ideal high radiation values ​​and climatic conditions of our country provide an ideal environment for evaluating this potential with applications of solar energy systems.

 Solar Energy Systems are quiet, smoke-free and harmless

Fossil fuels used in energy production cause smoke and acid rain and pollute air and water. Carbon dioxide is also produced. Photovoltaic electricity uses only the sun as fuel. It does not cause harmful gas emissions and actively contributes to the reduction of global warming.

Safe and reliable systems

The service life of a solar module is 30+ years. Moreover, at the end of 25 years, it declines to just 80% of its initial production value, proving its high-efficiency performance and its long-term reliability. In addition, thanks to the high quality standards set forth in the European Union norms, investors are offered reliable products.

You can sell your carbon emission right

With your solar energy system investment, you can obtain the right to sell your carbon dioxide emission. Especially with the sale of these voluntary carbon credits purchased by airline companies, you will not only pay for your operation and maintenance costs but also pay the resource usage fee.

Recycling of solar panels is possible

Recycling not only protects the environment, but also reduces the amount of energy used in the production of materials such as silicon, glass, aluminum, used in panel manufacturing. Thus, production costs are reduced.

Electricity can be generated in electricity-free areas

One third of the world’s population of 6 billion lives in rural areas without electricity and hence no clean water, and it is torn from modern life. Thanks to the modular feature of solar systems, environmentally friendly solar energy can be used to enable these regions to benefit from development, training and communication facilities. Provides the possibility of generating electricity to the individuals, institutions and organizations that need them.

Quick installation and scalable design

The right amount of electricity produced by the solar energy systems established with the right planning and engineering studies can be calculated in the planning stage with close to 100% data. It can be installed much faster than all other power generation systems and can be put into production in a very short time.

New business opportunities

With the high growth rates envisaged, the solar energy sector provides new jobs and employment opportunities to thousands of people for many years and contributes positively to the country’s economy. Supports the existing energy infrastructure, provides synergy with the construction sector.

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