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What is Smart Home Automation? How to Install? What's the price? - DrChores
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What is Smart Home Automation? How to Install? What’s the price?

What is Smart Home Automation?

Your house lights, heating / cooling systems, curtains / shutters, garage and entrance door is working automatically according to certain conditions. For example, when you come home, the door / window sensor installed on your door can detect the door opening and automatically open the aisle lights and make your coffee machine connected to your smart outlet work automatically. Another scenario is that you can turn off your lights automatically with a single touch before you go to bed, and you can activate your security devices such as motion sensor, door / window sensor and camera and lock your doors with smart lock. With the scenarios that will be discussed later in our article, you can run a series of operations in succession in your smart home.

Smart Home Automation enables the automatic management of the lights in your home.

When you enter the room and leave the room, you can turn on and off your lights automatically. No need to search for keys. Moreover, it is not possible to forget the lights on, so there is no energy saving.
You can adjust the brightness and even the color of the lights with a single touch.
You can save energy with time controlled lighting.
You can give the impression that you are at home by having your lights blink randomly when you are on holiday or outside your home.
When you open your door in the evening thanks to the door / window sensor you will attach to your outside door, you can open the corridor lights automatically so you can avoid entering the dark house in the evening.
When you’re not at home, it automatically lights up when motion is detected, allowing uninvited guests to move away, and security cameras get a better view.


Smart Home Automation helps you control your energy consumption and prevent waste.

Probably the most bulky of your bills are those related to energy consumption. Constantly increasing energy prices make the situation worse. This will not change if you do not make your home’s energy consumption smart.

Smart Home Automation allows you to use the heating / cooling systems in your home effectively and your lights will not burn. It also detects how much electronic equipment is running at home and how much energy it consumes.

Your wireless smart home system lets you know which devices are being used too much and how much energy they consume, so you can save energy by making changes to the devices that cause energy waste.


Perhaps the most important benefit of Smart Home Automation is to help ensure the safety of your home. Do you remember whether you closed the windows / windows when you left the house or didn’t install the security alarm?

With Smart Home Automation, you can connect and control your system from your mobile phone / tablet / pc and put your home in security mode with one click. When you leave home, you can protect your home from intruders by activating your cameras, motion sensors, door / window sensors, siren.


The safety of your home is as important as safety. Immediate notification of floods and possible fire hazards allows you to intervene early in danger.

You can protect your home against unexpected dangers with the water sensor and smoke sensor installed in your smart home.

If you connect your iron to a smart outlet, you can disable the iron by turning off your smartphone from your mobile phone even if you forget your iron at the outlet when you leave the house.

What you can do with Smart Home Automation is not limited to these. It is possible to give dozens of examples that will benefit you. If we examine a few more

When your baby opens the door
The door / window sensor that you will attach to your outside door will allow you to be alerted to the message or siren when your child opens the door.

Helps Care for Elder Relatives
You can check whether the door / window, movement, fire, water pressure sensors and camcorders that you will install in the house of your elderly relatives living alone are safe. Thanks to the door / window sensor you will mount on the cover of the medicine cabinet, you can keep track of when it takes your medication.

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