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What is a Smart Home System? What are the main features? - DrChores
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What is a Smart Home System? What are the main features?

The smart home system is a term used for homes where a network is connected to each other to provide remote monitoring and management of tools and systems such as lighting and heating. Smart home technology, also known as home automation; With smart devices, smartphones and / or tablets, smart home appliances can control the safety, comfort and energy efficiency of their homes. Systems such as opening and closing garage doors, alarm systems, coffee machine timer are simple examples of smart home systems.

However, when talking about home automation and smart homes, talent and examples go to more advanced levels. Instead of individually operating devices, a smart home combines multiple subsystems controlled by a main home automation controller. This main automation controller is like the home automation system’s quiz and takes input from all devices around the home, gives commands and controls everything. These controllers usually run complex software that allows them to execute single or multiple actions based on various events. These events can be in many forms, but they can be divided into only two categories: time-tuned and trigger events.

Time Settings

It is desired that the landlord wishes to be built at any time or according to the daylight time varying according to the geographical location of the house. Thanks to this feature, the house performs the operations specific to the hours that are determined every day. For example; opening the windows of the living room in the morning, opening the windows of the room or opening and closing the lights outside the house according to the sunset / birth.


These are situations that trigger the operation of the home automation system. Events such as pressing a button, opening a door, detecting a movement, and warning from a sensor are triggering events. When I press a button, you can make a setting to do this. Or if the child’s door is opened, you can have the room light on. If no movement is detected for 5 minutes in any room, you can switch off the room light. In the event that smoke is detected in any room in the house, you can have the system send SMS, send e-mail or call the host.

By combining various timed and trigger events, the limits of things a smart home can do are quite high. Combined with conditional logic, smart home systems are getting stronger. For example; If I press this button and time is between midnight and morning 5, then if the intensity of light is not set to 50%, then a command like% 90 can be set.

With a home automation system installed at home, you can perform detailed functions on the internet from home or across the world. You can deactivate your alarm, deactivate your sunshades, turn on the fireplace, turn off the lights, heat up the SPA and turn on romantic music by pressing a single button on your mobile device.

Uses of Smart Home Technologies

Smart TVs

You can access the desired music or videos via internet and access the content via smart applications. Some smart TVs have the ability to recognize sounds or gestures. In this way, you can manage your TV with your voice or some gestures and gestures.

Smart thermostats

You can set or monitor the temperature of your home remotely. You can make adjustments to the desired temperature during desired hours and determine your heat program. Smart thermostats can be learned according to the habits of the host and can be self-programmed. It can also report the energy consumption and warn you when it is time for maintenance.

Smart lock systems

It allows you to make your house or garage door open only by some people. By defining the incoming person, this system can be used to prevent theft. Intelligent door systems can automatically unlock the door when they get close to home by recognizing their hosts.

Smart security cameras

While the host is away from home or on vacation, he / she is able to follow his house and its surroundings with these cameras. Intelligent motion sensors can detect the mobility inside the house and report whether people inside or outside the house can be a thief.

Smart kitchen appliances

Fresh coffee is available with smart coffee machines at the time you set up. You can follow the expiration dates of the products you buy with smart refrigerators. In addition, these cabinets offer alternative recipes with available products.

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