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The Easiest Way of Energy Efficiency in Lighting

Lighting control systems are used in order to make the control of the lighting units simpler and to use the lighting in the most effective way. Lighting control systems are used for four different purposes: efficiency, energy saving, aesthetics and flexibility. The most important benefit of lighting control is energy savings. With lighting control, energy consumption can be reduced by 30% and operating costs by 10%. A comfortable working environment is created with a properly selected and implemented lighting control system.

In addition, a proper lighting control will increase the productivity of the employees. In the working areas such as meeting rooms, design offices, textile workshops, factories, lighting control is very important for the highest level of work efficiency. With a well-programmed lighting automation system, it can be ensured that work efficiency is at the highest level in such work areas with the most suitable light level according to the working hours, the location of the daylight and the nature of the work done.

Lighting Automation Systems

Lighting automation systems perform sudden changes in lighting programs according to function in a very short time, eliminating the time loss caused by lighting adjustments.

Controlling lighting with motion sensors provides significant energy savings. With this method; Energy savings can be achieved by 20% in open offices, 60% in personal offices, 70% in toilets, 40% in warehouses, 50% in classrooms and 65% in the toilets in hotel rooms.

Except those;

Solar energy is completely free. Although there are necessary equipment and devices for the production of solar energy from the sun rays, the cost is very low compared to our energy needs.
One of the advantages of solar energy is that it can be used in rural areas and in remote areas. In these places, it is often very expensive to distribute electrical energy grids, and solar energy can be produced here in abundance.

  • Solar energy can be used extensively for chargers that consume very little energy, such as calculators and solar cells.
  • The biggest benefit of using solar energy is that it does not cause any kind of pollution. Although the equipment, collectors and devices used are produced in large factories, there has been no pollution during the solar energy generation from the sunlight.
  • Solar energy is an endless source of energy and will never run out to the end of the world. On the other hand, other sources and oil reserves will take 40-50 years from now.
  • Solar energy is a renewable energy source that is never out of stock.

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